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A Simple Unified solution for your project success

Avoid rework and eliminate silos using Task library and more...




  • Simple evolutionary processes & tool to engage 70% of disengaged Employees
  • 30% increase in productivity, Innovation and Engagement.
  • Eliminate and achieve 30% reduction in rework
  • Bring insights to your organization at all levels, from individual dashboards to an executive view using 6 factual data dimensions. Enhance decision-making and outcomes for all
  • Easy to use. No special hardware or software to install. Just a browser and sign-up online.
    • Project Portfolio & Auto-Risk Assessment

      Gantt or Non-Gantt

    • Timesheet

      Daily and Weekly format

    • Resource Management and Document Tracking

      Dropbox Integrated. Facebook style chat.

    • Invoice / Bill

      In currency you choose.

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